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Male Chest Contouring

4D liposculpting is the latest trend among cosmetic surgeons. This involves removing unwanted fat bulges and defining the muscles, giving you a more toned and athletic appearance.

There are many areas of the body where unwanted fat accumulates and is what we call the “Stubborn” Fat. After all the dieting and exercise, this stubborn fat refuses to go. In this 4 Dimensional liposculpting, we first identify the fat bulges, then the normal muscle anatomy. Using high-end liposuction machines and improvised technique, we can not just remove fat, but also add the same fat in places to give bulky looking muscle.

Some men feel they have a very flat looking chest, hence, the fat removed from other areas can be placed at chest area to improve the contour. The biceps area can also be augmented with one’s own fat. This is highly safe, as it is one’s own fat, reducing side effects and giving desired results. The chest liposuction is usually combined with removing fat from the abdomen and love handles for a sculpted look. The “6 PACK” look can be created in men who are in good health condition, have a regular diet and exercise protocol and are ready to continue exercises after the procedure too. The fat here is particularly removed along with the edges of the muscle and in front of it so they get defined.

You will have to wear a pressure garment 24 hours a day for 4-6 weeks, which is very important to achieve the desired result. Liposuction is a Daycare procedure, very minimal downtime and you go home the same day. Some pain,bruising, and swelling are expected for 1-2 weeks which resolves with pain medications.

This procedure can be done under general anesthesia or just intravenous sedation, depending on patient choice. We will discuss in detail the various options during your consultation. You will get back to your routine work and daily activities the very next day.

Dr. Karishma will make sure you are made to feel comfortable throughout the procedure, as well as during the healing period.

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