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Breast Augmentation

You can go in for breast augmentation if you want to increase the size of the breast so that it is more in proportion with the overall size of your body.

There are two types of breast augmentation

Implant Augmentation: This is done by inserting an implant of the appropriate size inside your breast. The implant can be made of silicone gel or of saline water. Breast implants have been approved for use in two cases:

  • Primary augmentation – to increase the size and/or improve the proportions of the breast(s)
  • Revision-augmentation – to correct or improve the primary augmentation, including replacing an existing breast implant.

Fat Grafting

Instead of using implants, fat is taken from another area of your body and injected into the breast. This has two advantages: one, the material used is from your own body; two: you get rid of unwanted fat from other parts of your body. However, this procedure cannot be carried out on thin women who have little or no excess fat.

Breast augmentation is usually carried out under general anaesthesia as a day care procedure. Overnight stay is not required.

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breast augmentation in bangalore

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