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Female Genital Reconstruction

Cosmetic gynaecology essentially refers to any surgery on the vaginal area.


It is indicated when the labia minora is excessively large and protruding called labial hypertrophy. It can cause discomfort, infection, hygiene problems and your urine stream gets affected at times. To add to functional issues, many women find it unattractive and unaesthetic.

Labiaplasty surgery is performed under local anesthesia in most cases as labia skin is less sensitive. Surgically, we can remove a “V” shaped wedge of the labia, to give it a younger-looking appearance. CO2 laser or radiofrequency device is used to perform the surgery, with less bleeding and pain.

Postoperatively patient is advised to take antibiotics and strong painkillers for first 7 days. They require 4 to 5 days off from work as it can be uncomfortable to sit for long time in the beginning.


Vaginal laxity is a common problem with women who have had multiple children and or have undergone episiotomy with wound healing problems at that time. Over a period of time, the vaginal wall muscles and pelvic wall muscles get weak , many women complain about poor sexual interactions.

There are many ways to rejuvenate the wall of the vagina.

Non surgically using a laser/ radio frequency device to stimulate the collagen and shrink the size. However it requires several sessions and results can be unpredictable.

Surgical rejuvenation require general anesthesia. The vaginal wall is repaired and the muscles are strengthened using deep sutures.

Postoperatively patient requires antibiotics, painkillers and rest for one week.


Many girls are born with a birth defect called Vaginal Atresia. A very distressing condition which makes a girl feel dissociated from social life and also affects her family. There are versatile surgical options available to create a neovagina using skin grafts or skin flaps. Even though she may not be able to have future babies, but she can have sexual intercourse and manage her social life.

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