Sudden change in the environment of London to Bangalore came with a cost. The nose blockage and breathing problems were very frequent and made it difficult to adapt. Consulting Dr. Karishma Kagodu gave me an opportunity to understand my problem better.

Having previously had a nose correction surgery when I was young due to a broken nose and deviated septum. I underwent a doctor who practiced an old method of surgery. It caused me a problem in the future to come.

Meghna Murali

The center has got world-class facilities and as promised they deliver comfortable and satisfactory results. I did get my Laser upper lip hair removal procedure which is painless and the result showed up in just 3 sittings, I also have got the undereye filler did which showed the huge difference and the Dr did take care that the procedure was done as per the face structure and comfort level. I would give 100% recommendations to everyone.

Arti K